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Saranga Hughes - Director/ Physiotherapist (Mon, Wed, Fri)    

Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. APAM.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Saranga has had over 8 years of experience working as an Emergency Department Physiotherapist and is passionate about musculoskeletal injuries, sports injury rehabilitation and prevention. Having completed her Masters of Musculoskeletal Physio, she is well equipped to accurately diagnose and treat any musculoskeletal condition. Saranga also takes a keen interest in Women's Health and Vestibular disorders (See "what we treat" page). She has also been physiotherapist for Eastern Football League (EFL), Sweden in the International Football League and Eastern League soccer. Saranga also plays golf, netball, basketball, tennis, hikes, surfs and enjoys red wine.


Nicola Reynoldson - Physiotherapist (Mon, Thurs)

Bachelor of Applied Science - Physiotherapy.

Bachelor of Science (Honours). APAM

Nicola is a highly experienced Senior Physiotherapist with over 10 years of clinical experience. She enjoys assessing and treating various musculoskeletal as well as cardiorespiratory conditions. Nicola was the Paralympic Physiotherapist in Beijing in 2008 and has worked in all areas of physiotherapy internationally. She enjoys the assessment and treatment of sports injuries. Nicola enjoys boxing, gym, horse riding and travelling.


Deenika Benjamin - Physiotherapist ( Thurs)

Current PhD Candidate and Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Deenika is a highly experienced Senior Physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience. She is passionate about all musculoskeletal and pregnancy issues that arise pre and post labour. Deenika also lectures undergraduate and masters students at La Trobe University. She is also a pilates qualified physio and can treat with dry needling. Deenika enjoys boxing, bush walking and keeping fit.

Bernadette Proctor - Physiotherapist (Flexible)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy. APAM

Bernie is a highly experienced Senior Physiotherapist with over 14 years of experience consulting in Croydon. She is passionate about providing home visit Physiotherapy services to patients that are unable to attend the clinic as well as conducting our highly popular Hydrotherapy sessions weekly. Bernie takes an interest in the rehabilitation of patients in the home as well as in aged care facility environments. Bernie also enjoys keeping fit and gardening.


Rhiannon Streitberger - Physiotherapist (Tues, wed & Fri)

Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Physiotherapy Practice, APAM

Rhiannon graduated from La Trobe University and has experience working in both hospital and private practice settings. She is passionate and experienced in assessing and treating Musculoskeletal injuries and Women’s Health conditions (pregnancy and beyond). Rhiannon is a qualified DMA clinical Pilates clinician and enjoys utilising this approach in the rehabilitation of her clients. She has also been a physiotherapy assistant for Melbourne Victory Youth Development and North West Wanderers soccer squads. Rhiannon enjoys hockey, running, Pilates and getting outdoors with her dog.

michael salmic - Physiotherapist (Tues, thurs & sat )

Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Physiotherapy Practice, APAM

Michael graduated from La Trobe University over 5 years ago. Well experienced in both treating patients in the hospital and private practice setting. His passion is not only getting patients to lead a pain free life, but also to get them strong to avoid re-injury. Having played years of footy, Michael understands sports injuries and will endevour to return patients back to sport safely and timely, when treating injuries. Michael is also experienced in Clinical Pilates and runs sessions at the clinic.

Michael enjoys playing footy, staying fit, watching sport and his favourite food is pizza.

Yee ling chen - Physiotherapist (Tues, wed & Fri )

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Practice, APPI Clinical Pilates (Qualifying) , APA

Yee Ling graduated from Melbourne University and has experience working in both hospital and private practice settings. Her passion is assessing and treating various musculoskeletal conditions. Yee Ling has completed her qualification through APPI clinical Pilates. She is committed to maintaining a fit, healthy and organic lifestlye. Yee Ling enjoys competitive netball, running, Pilates and travel.


Michael Kolarik - Remedial Massage and Acupuncturist (Flexible) Contact 0402 284 074 for appointment.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Diploma of TCM Remedial Massage

Registered Nurse. Certificate in Diabetes Education. Clinical Internship Certificate from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  China.)

Michael has over 15 years experience treating all manner of common complaints,  musculoskeletal conditions including pain relief management.  He is interested in providing clients with holistic lifestyle advice and treatments utilising acupuncture (including needle free electro-therapy), massage, herbal medicine and Tai chi exercise. Michael enjoys playing guitar, Tai chi and kayaking on the Yarra River. Enquiries are welcome.


Liz Sharp - Practice manager.

Liz has over 14 years managing Croydon Physio. She will be happy to assist you in the right direction with any queries. Liz enjoys spending time with her Hungarian Vizsla show dogs Merlot and Lily.





Amelia Pullen - Receptionist.

Amelia is friendly face who can assist with any of your inquiries. Amelia enjoys competitive netball, running and spending time with her dog Sarge.








Kerri Gazzola - Receptionist.

Kerri is committed to assisting with any of your inquiries. Kerri also enjoys competitive netball, coaching, being heavily involved in representative netball and spending time with her active kids.




Adam Steinhardt - Sports Podiatrist. (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Adam Steinhardt is an experienced sports podiatrist. He has a passion for foot and ankle musculoskeletal diagnosis and management. He has had previous involvement with the Melbourne Football Club and currently provides podiatry for many of the local Eastern football league clubs. He conducts biomechanical screening and treadmill video gait analysis as part of his assessment and implements Radial Shockwave therapy. Adam prescribes custom foot orthotics and can also provide general podiatry footcare, diabetes assessment and nail surgery. Adam provides podiatry services for private patients (no referral needed), Medicare Enhanced primary care plans, Veterans affairs, TAC and workcover.







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